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About the Book

Restoring the Soul to Education is the inspiring true story of two Illinois school districts that have accomplished what few others have. They closed the achievement gap between students of color and White children! Importantly, as the gap closed ALL children excelled. And, the districts themselves began to outpace the academic achievements of neighboring, often better funded, school districts.


While the book is nonfiction, it can be read with the same eagerness one often approaches fiction--you will keep turning pages, eager to see what will happen in each school district. Dr. Carmen Ayala, Dr. John Harper and Bea Young become real-life heroes whose commitment to students will make you want to keep reading to see the impact of their work.


The success achieved in these two districts is replicable. While not a "how to" book the reader will take away key concepts and become familiar with essential tools about how these results were achieved. Additionally, personal and organizational assessments are provided to enable readers ascertain where they may be on what we call the "educational equity journey." The engaging and heart-centered writing makes the concepts, examples and practical tools more accessible, giving the reader a better grasp of the challenges and joy in pursuing educational equity in ways that make a significant difference.

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