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The fight for educational opportunity is the fight for equity. You can't get to the first without a courageous commitment to the second. But when you actually live those values, the difference you can make in the lives of students
is extraordinary.

Arne Duncan
Former United States Secretary
of Education

At a time when all the ills of society are being dumped at the schoolhouse door, the remarkable success of these two districts provides guidelines which, if followed, will produce positive change in academic achievement for all students. It is a blueprint educators will relate to and understand, one that can be measured and replicated.

Dr. Charles Ponquinette
Retired Illinois School Superintendent

In an era when children of color are nearly the majority in Illinois and the nation, two trailblazers, Bea Young and Carmen Ayala, joined forces to chart a course providing a primer to obtain educational equity, not just for students of color, but for all students. They demonstrate the importance of acknowledging the cultural gifts and strengths that students bring to the classroom, often ignored in our educational settings.

Sylvia Puente
Executive Director of the Latino Policy Forum

Restoring the Soul to Education is a gift to the world. It's written from the heart and soul with practical and applicable solutions. An engrossing while digestible story, told through the coauthors' lives and experiences, it offers us "how to's" so many are craving on the quest for
educational equity.

Jeannine Carter
Former Director of Diversity Initiatives, Denver Public Schools, and Head of Diversity Engagement, Facebook

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