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Why You Need to Read

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The Gap.


The damned, frustrating, vexing, hindering, contemptible (choose one) gap between the achievement of white students vs. students of color.

A gap barely closed in fifty years.

More money, more programs, more plans devised to solve the problem

        … to no avail.

But we did it.

Not only did we close the achievement gap, but ALL students—White, Black, Brown

        … rose together.

Dynamic collaboration over ten years …. 

  • an educator/consultant focusing on diversity, cultural responsiveness, and equity

  • a district superintendent who implemented the process,

  • a board of education president who supported the goals

  • an assistant superintendent who carried the ball.


They proved it could be done.

        … and then, it was done again.

That’s what this book is about. It’s a step-by-step systemic process,

        … not a quick fix.

It’s the result of years of experience by the authors—teaching experiences, life experiences and effective application of lessons learned.


Duane Barnes


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